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          • 2020 Election: Issues Guide

            Muhlenberg Magazine worked with faculty experts to provide background and context for some of the important issues voters will hear about in the leadup to November.

          • The COVID Chronicles

            In early March, the College sprang into action as a rapidly evolving global crisis was about to arrive on its doorstep. While the finish line remains out of sight, it’s possible to reflect on how the College community came together to face the COVID-19 pandemic and how it continues to exhibit resilience, compassion and togetherness.

          • The Intersection of Music and History

            Independent research on how one composer’s operas served as propaganda for King Louis XIV is helping Tess Rhian ’21 prepare for graduate school.

          • A Data-Driven Summer Internship

            Zach Cooper ’21 helps analyze the economic reports that inform the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s positions on legislation.



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