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          Muhlenberg College School of Graduate Studies

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          Muhlenberg College School of Graduate Studies

          The School of Graduate Studies offers graduate degrees with multiple pathways that provide flexibility for the adult learner to create their graduate experience. Degrees and certificates are taught in a format that blends in-person classroom discussion with online and virtual components.

          In keeping with the College’s mission, graduate education continues the goal of developing each individual’s capacity for a life of leadership and service by challenging and strengthening mind, spirit, character, and community. The School of Graduate Studies contributes to intellectual life at the college by enabling graduate students to engage in scholarly study and research, and to prepare for professional work.


          • Integrate knowledge and information from a range of disciplines and fields of knowledge
          • Develop knowledge and skills in leading and collaborating with colleagues of diverse backgrounds and capabilities
          • Explore and practice your field of study with global awareness and sensibilities in the context of personal, organizational, and societal ethics and values 
          • Use analytical skills in decision-making and planning
          • Identify paths for strategic success and create value for organizations and their stakeholder



          Have questions about the program? Want to speak with an Advisor? Schedule a 30 minute information call with a graduate advisor today!


          Muhlenberg College COVID-19 Resources

          The safety of the Muhlenberg College community is our highest priority. The following resources have been added for the convenience of our students.

          Muhlenberg College School of Graduate Studies

          School of Graduate Studies

          Address Muhlenberg College School of Graduate Studies 2400 Chew Street Allentown, PA 18104

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